About Us

The Center for Health and Behavioral Training (CHBT) provides training in the prevention and management of STDs, TB, HIV/AIDS and the use of behavioral and social science to strengthen prevention programs. CHBT is

Our Mission

The mission of CHBT is to provide training in the prevention and management of STD/HIV/TB and in the use of behavioral and social science to improve public health prevention programs.


CHBT offers training and technical assistance for prevention providers in community and clinic based settings throughout the Northeast region of the United States. Training is provided in the use of stage-based behavioral counseling as well as other individual, group, and community level behavioral interventions. Training is also provided in the clinical management and prevention of STDs/HIV/TB. Technical assistance in the utilization of behavioral science to strengthen prevention programs is also available.

The CHBT is designated by the New York State AIDS Institute as the Center for Expertise in Social and Behavioral Science and as the HIV/AIDS Regional Training Center for New York State's Finger Lakes Region.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has selected CHBT as one of a National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers.

We also provide clinical services at the Monroe County STD Clinic and educational opportunities to medical residents, fellows, nursing students and advance practice nursing students.

Who We Serve

We offer training to health and human services providers including: Community Based Organization (CBO) staff, social workers, health educators, outreach workers, counselors, nurse practitioners, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, other clinicians, substance use counselors, case managers, peer educators, program managers, DSS workers, community service workers, HIV test counselors and interested others.

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