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presentations1-241x262 Upcoming CTSI Seminar Series: Trainee Presentations CH


Community Health Mini-Grant Program

race Public Health Grand Rounds: Data shows disparities not always attributable to race menotring


Mentoring Workshop for Mid-Career and Senior Faculty

dangio Symposium Recap: Consent Comprehension environment


Workshop on Environmental Epigenomics

pollard Symposium Recap: Consent & Other Ethical Challenges in Conducting Research with Deaf Persons social justice


Satcher Community Health Awards Set for April 28

streamlien CVRI


Aab CVRI Cardiovascular Research Pilot Grant Program

david paul cancer ribbons

Redefining Cancer Subtypes through Proteogenomics


Upcoming Events

Monday, April 21st

RSRB Online Submission System (ROSS) Training

Tuesday, April 22nd

CTSI Trainee Presentations

Wednesday, April 23rd

Changes in Dynamics of Sarcomeric Proteins During Myofibril Assembly and Maintenance

Friday, April 25th

Festschrift for Caroline Breese

Mentoring Workshop for Mid-Career Faculty

Monday, April 28th

Satcher Awards: Health Equity and Social Justice - Not Just a Walk in the Park


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The mission of the Master's program in Clinical Investigation is to train individuals to combine clinical knowledge and population-based research in an academic program that awards a recognized credential indicating expertise in clinical epidemiology, research study design, clinical decision-making, and the evaluation of health care services.