Scientific Mystery Solved in Janitor’s Closet

George H. WhippleA bit of summer trivia: After George H. Whipple won the 1934 Noble Prize for his discoveries regarding anemia, what happened to his original, handwritten notes?

Answer: Decades later, they were found in a maintenance worker’s closet, next to the mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies. A janitor had paid a visit to Edward G. Miner Librarian Christopher Hoolihan, and mentioned that inside his supply closet were filing cabinets that had not been opened in years. The closet was adjacent to Whipple’s former office, but the door to the office had been sealed, and therefore no one ever made the connection between Whipple and the cabinets, or what was inside.

Since then, Hoolihan has carefully catalogued the papers in Miner’s archives. To read more from Rochester Medicine’s new blog, and to view a video on this story, please click here.


Leslie Orr | 7/17/2014 | 0 comments


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