Faculty & Staff

Our Specialists (Audiologists)

Our world-class audiologists, in association with field-leading doctors and surgeons at the University of Rochester Medical Center, provide patients with a complete range of services using the latest techniques and technologies.

Each member of our professional team holds a master's degree or higher and is New York State licensed and nationally certified in audiology. Dedicated to advancing knowledge, exploring and expanding treatment options, and improving the quality of patient care, our practitioners are active in professional association and engage in extensive research.

Meet Our Team

Christy Monczynski Hopson, Director of Clinical Services



Christy Monczynski Hopson, Au.D., M.S.
Director of Clinical Services

Mark Orlando, Director of Research and Education



Mark S. Orlando, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Director of Research and Education

Christina Ashrafioun, Audiologist



Christina Ashrafioun, Au.D.

Dr. Christina Bauer, Audiologist



Christina A. Bauer, Au.D.
Senior Audiologist

Claire Beers, Audiologist



Claire Beers, Au.D.

Dawn D'Agostino, Audiologist



Dawn D' Agostino, M.A.


U-Cheng Leong, Audiologist



U-Cheng Leong, Ph.D.

Amber Lim Coronado, Audiologist



Amber Lim Coronado, Au.D.
Senior Audiologist

Diane Puccia, Audiologist



Diane S. Puccia, M.A.
Senior Audiologist

Raina Stromberg, Audiologist



Raina L. Stromberg, Au.D.

Shayna Tokar, Audiologist



Shayna Tokar, Au.D.
Senior Audiologist

Megan Wightman, Audiologist



Megan Wightman, Au.D.