Mayer-Pröschel Lab

Margot Mayer-Pröschel

Ph.D. 1990 University of Wuerzburg

Associate Professor of Genetics

Primary Appointment: Department of Biomedical Genetics (BMG)

Secondary Appointment: Neurobiology & Anatomy (N&A)

Research Overview

Our central goal is to understand the biological and molecular mechanisms governing precursor cell division, differentiation and survival in the brain. Using purified primary glia cell-precursors, we study the projects listed below:


1. Identification of lineage restricted precursor cells
lineage restricted
2. CNS precursor cells and their derivatives in human disease and tissue repair paradigms

-2a. Gestational Iron deficiency

-2b. Ataxia Telangiectasia (AT)

-2c. Spinal cord injury repair

-2d. Human viral infections as a contributor to failure of repair
gestational iron def


Recent Publications

Strathmann F; Xi Wang and M. Mayer-Proschel. Identification of two novel glial-restricted cell populations in the embryonic telencephalon arising from unique origins (2007) BMC Dev. Biol April 17; 7:33 View article in PubMed.

Han R.; Yang Yin M.; Dietrich J.; Luebke A.; Mayer-Proschel M. and Mark Noble (2008) Systemic 5-fluorouracil treatment causes a syndrome of delayed myelin destruction in the CNS. J Biol. 2008;7(4):12 View article in PubMed.

Davies JE, Proschel C, Zhang N, Noble M, Mayer-Proschel M and Davies SA Transplanted astrocytes derived from BMP or CNTF treated glial restricted precursors have opposite effects on recovery and allodynia after spinal cord injury. J Biol. 2008 Sep 19;7(7):24. View article in PubMed.

Hyrien O, Chen R, Mayer-Pröschel M, Noble M. Saddlepoint Approximations to the Moments of Multitype Age-Dependent Branching Processes, with Applications. Biometrics. 2009 Jun 9. [Epub ahead of print] View article in PubMed

Davies SJ, Shih C, Noble M, Mayer-Proschel M, Davies JE, Proschel C Transplantation of Specific Human Astrocytes Promotes Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury PLoS ONE, in press

More papers... PubMed

Graduate Program Affiliations



Margot Mayer-Pröschel
University of Rochester
Box 633
601 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY 14642
Office: MRB 2-9627

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Lab Members

Daniel C. Tanner

Daniel C. Tanner, Ph.D.

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Renuka Nagendra

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