Stem Cell Ethics and Other Interactions Between Scientists and the Public

Project Overview

Many of us in the field of stem cell research have become involved in public discussion about this research, and about ethical issues that pertain to this. There are many components to this debate, which I have discussed in great detail an article entitled Ethics in the trenches: a multifaceted analysis of the stem cell debate (Noble, 2005). Participation in this debate has led to a continuing interest in the interaction between science and those who seek to misrepresent scientific discoveries in order to support other agendas. This area of interest also led to an extensive involvement with New Yorkers for the Advancement of Medical Research, an advocacy group which played a prominent role in the establishment of the Empire State Stem Cell Board (NYSTEM), which supports a wide range of stem cell research activities in New York State.


Noble, M. (2005). Ethics in the trenches: A multifaceted analysis of the stem cell debate. Stem Cell Rev. 1, 345-376. pdf


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