Do I really need a mommogram? Short anser: Yes. But you can read more here. Who needs you most? Tell us who in your life motivates you to stay healthy. How is URMC making breat health easier? Research, Innovations & other good things.


How URMC is making breast care easier.

University Breast Imaging is part of the University of Rochester Medical Center. And that’s a very good thing to know. Here’s why:

  • URMC is a leader in research. More breast imaging research is performed at URMC than at any other area center. For example, we are conducting a pilot study on Cone Beam Breast Computed Tomography, an advanced technology that provides 3-D images of your breast without any breast compression.
  • URMC provides the latest technology. We offer the most advanced Digital Mammography. That means you get the highest quality images in the shortest time—with less need for a return visit. We also provide other state-of-the-art technology, like ultrasound, high field MRI and computer-aided detection.
  • URMC offers comprehensive breast care. If you need care for a lump in your breast, you won’t need to go somewhere else for treatment. The University of Rochester Medical Center offers oncology services at both Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. URMC has the area’s most highly trained specialists in breast health, so you can get all the care you need.
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