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James P. WilmotA charming and engaging man, James P. Wilmot had a deep sense of responsibility to his family, his community, and his fellow man. A prominent businessman, a leading member of the Rochester community, and a wonderful friend to the University of Rochester, Mr. Wilmot is now the namesake of the Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

He created the Foundation, a philanthropy dedicated to attracting, training, and supporting doctors who are pursuing a career in cancer research. The Foundation provides fellowships to young medical doctors so that they can pursue their research goals. Its intent is to encourage collaboration between young doctors and experienced, knowledgeable mentors.

Mr. Wilmot’s decision to make a commitment to this endeavor was based largely on his confidence that the University of Rochester Medical Center would always provide an ideal environment for outstanding research. His longtime friend and advisor, Dr. Jacob D. Goldstein, who was a graduate of the first class of the University’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, was the genesis of the Foundation’s direction toward support of individual physician scientists as a way to promote cancer research.

As Mr. Wilmot and Dr. Goldstein hoped, The Foundation has provided major support to attract qualified physician scientists to the Cancer Center at the University of Rochester. Wilmot Fellows have gone on to assume leading roles in academic and clinical positions around the world having a profound impact on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. Many have continued their work here in Rochester.

Since The Foundation was established in 1980, the Cancer Center has received unparalleled support for its research, teaching and patient care missions. Thanks to the generosity of and his family, the Cancer Center has evolved to become one of the finest in the nation. In gratitude for this unmatched generosity and enduring commitment, the Cancer Center will now bear the name.

On behalf of the Foundation, its Board of Directors, as well as Mr. Wilmot’s family and friends, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, and the Cancer Center for their gracious recognition of my father and his efforts to uniquely aid the fight against cancer. Were he here, Mr. Wilmot would hope that the net effect of using his name would enhance the capabilities of the University and the Cancer Center to be even more successful in the treatment of cancer by finding new ways to raise funds, increase national recognition and attract professionals. The naming of the Cancer Center will continue a legacy of service to the University and the community that was a major factor in my father’s way to give back in a quiet but effect manner.

William B. Wilmot
Chairman, The Foundation


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