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The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art facility that opened in 2008 for outpatient medical and radiation oncology treatment. Supported by a generous and engaged community, an exciting three-floor expansion project completed in July 2012 allowed for the relocation of two inpatient units to the cancer center, essentially creating a comprehensive cancer hospital to serve the Rochester region and beyond, and continuing our tradition of providing outstanding care and cutting-edge research.

The new inpatient floors, treating Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) patients and adult hematology/oncology patients, feature breathtaking views of the greater Rochester region and vastly upgraded patient and family amenities, all designed to align with our commitment to patient and family centered care, including:

  • Private rooms with family areas/amenities built in to provide additional comfort and convenience
  • Laundry facilities for patients and their guests
  • Video gaming equipment
  • Onsite imaging services, leading to faster, more streamlined care for patients
  • Onsite urgent care/triage area to help patients avoid trips to the emergency department

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

The Wilmot Cancer Center offers multidisciplinary cancer care based on the most recent scientific discoveries and treatments. That means doctors, nurses, support staff and research scientists are all brought together, under a single roof with a single mission: raising the bar for cancer care in Rochester and Upstate New York. Designed to ensure your comfort and privacy, the new Wilmot Cancer Center facility is giant step forward in the University of Rochester Medical Center’s goal to create a premier cancer center here in Rochester.

Designed for Healing

View of atrium

When you enter the Wilmot Cancer Center on the First Floor, you’ll be impressed by the elegance of a beautiful, three-story, glass-enclosed atrium. Open space and natural light serves as the design theme for the center, providing a healing and inviting environment. We are proud of this groundbreaking design, which we are certain will become a model for other centers.

Putting You at Ease

Volunteer Ambassadors are available to guide you during your first visit, helping you navigate through appointments, providing directions, and offering support during a stressful time. Many of our volunteers are cancer survivors themselves, or have shared the experience with a loved one. They are an outstanding group of individuals dedicated to serving people with cancer in a variety of meaningful ways.

The Luellen Patient and Family Resource Center provides a dedicated space for on-site education and support services, many of which are in partnership with local cancer organizations. Adjacent to the resource center is the meditation room, for quiet reflection or contemplation. A beautiful, leaded glass installation completes the ambience of this room.

The multidisciplinary clinic area provides spacious exam rooms for meetings with your care team. Each room is equipped with a networked computer, so your team will have immediate access to all of your medical information, test results, and scans. This enables you to receive important information so you can participate in decisions with your care team. There are consultation rooms in each multidisciplinary clinic suite, allowing teaching and counseling to take place in a setting outside of an exam room—a much more conducive environment for these activities.

The Infusion Center offers an unprecedented level of comfort and privacy. You will have your own television and wireless internet access to keep connected with friends, family, and work. The space is designed for you to have choices about the level of privacy you would like during your treatment.

Advances in Radiation Therapy

Photo of Trilogy image-guided therapy systemAs a patient, you will benefit from state-of-the-art technology to treat your disease. Wilmot radiation oncology experts have been advancing therapeutic radiation since the 1940s. In this setting, we are not only increasing the number of linear accelerators, we are installing the latest in technology.

For example, with the addition of the Trilogy image-guided radiation therapy system, we build upon our capability to destroy the tiniest tumors in delicate organs. The Trilogy system is faster and more powerful than other equipment and delivers radiation with pinpoint precision, using an on-board imaging system that can zero in on the size and location of a patient’s tumor moments before each treatment.

We’ve also made enormous improvements to the environment for people undergoing radiation therapy with the addition of spacious changing rooms and imaginative lighting installations in the treatment rooms.

Approaching Breast Care as a Team

The Wilmot Cancer Center is also changing the way women and men with breast problems receive their care. We’ve created the Comprehensive Breast Care Center—dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating breast cancers. This model, which is unique in Upstate New York, will allow a person who discovers a lump to have an immediate appointment, with imaging and biopsy in one visit. All members of the breast care team—surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, diagnostic radiologists, pathologists, and nurses—are on-site and available to discuss treatment options if a malignancy is found.

Never before in Rochester has such a diverse team of experts been available to women and men with breast problems.

Translating Discoveries into Better Care

The creation of a premier cancer center is more than bricks and mortar. It’s about bringing the best and brightest minds together for outstanding care and research.

The second floor of the new Cancer Center houses the Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Clinical Translational Research Floor where faculty and staff are managing a large portfolio of clinical trials, studying new therapies and treatment combinations that afford patients the opportunity to have access to treatment options that may not be widely available.

Also on the second floor is our state-of-the-art conference center, designed for continued education of doctors, staff, and the oncologists of tomorrow. Large groups of professionals from a variety of disciplines meet for Grand Rounds, educational programs, teleconferences, and other lectures. The large room is also available for patient education programs.

Located on the third floor is our Translational Research program, where our research efforts continue to grow and lead to new discoveries. The development of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer began right here at the Medical Center. Our scientists found the critical component of the vaccine designed to prevent infection with the human papilloma virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. This vaccine is now available world-wide and could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year, an example of the importance of translational research—the “bench to the bedside” model.

We also have a team of researchers working to better understand cancer stem cells—the root causes of cancerous tumors. Wilmot has one of just three formal cancer stem cell research programs in the country, standing with Stanford and Harvard as leaders in this area of scientific inquiry. We are developing new therapies for clinical trials and expect great things from this group of talented scientists.

To date, we have recruited 20 new faculty members to the Wilmot Cancer Center. Their dedication to finding causes and new treatments for cancer is inspiring. They have blended well with the excellent team here and have added a new level of energy to propel us all forward on our daily efforts to eradicate cancer.

Changing the Way We Treat Cancer

The Wilmot Cancer Center’s approach to care and research allows doctors and scientists from many areas to play an active role in providing the best possible care today and in the future. This multidisciplinary model has become the gold standard for cancer care. And the Wilmot Cancer Center is the only center in Rochester that offers this model in the major cancer sites.

The new Wilmot Cancer Center building provides patients in our care with a wonderful, caring, and healing environment that mirrors the quality and excellence that our doctors, clinical staff and scientists provide.

Our vision has never been clearer: We say with confidence that we will take a leadership role in finding cures for cancer. Our motto, “The Cure Starts Here,” is not a slogan, it’s a promise.

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