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Patient Stories

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner was just 39, and an unlikely candidate for rectal cancer. But for several weeks, she had experienced rectal bleeding. After being referred to Dr. Monson, he told her that there was both good and bad news. That it was cancer, but it was curable.
Jennifer Wagner has been cancer free for almost a year. Read her story.

John Roberts

John Roberts ran a triathlon three weeks before his first colonoscopy. Age 48, John was remarkably fit, but in spring of 2011, he had a stomachache that woudn't subside. Dr. Hsu performed a colonoscopy, and found an obstruction, which he was sure was cancer. Referred to Dr. Monson, John started treatment for what would end up being his 92 days of cancer.
John Roberts has been cancer free for six months. Read his story.

Linda Pasco

Lynda Pasco had her first colonoscopy at age 62—as a favor to her primary care physician. Lynda’s cancer was well advanced. It was a stage 3 tumor at the junction of the colon and the rectum. A team of doctors—including surgeon Dr. Jenny Speranza, medical oncologist Dr. Alok Khorana and radiation oncologist Dr. Alan Katz—met with Lynda and worked to identify the best course of treatment.
Lynda Pasco has been cancer free for 2 years. Read her story.

Leo Murphy

Leo Murphy's employer, SWBR Architects, has sponsored a golf tournament to support the Wilmot Cancer Center for the last 20 years. Leo never imagined that the golf fundraiser would play a part in saving his life.
Leo Murphy has been cancer free for 5 years. Read his story.

Steve McCluski - Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survivor

Steve McCluski was referred to Dr. Alok Khorana, a specialist in cancers of the stomach and colon. The additional tests that Dr. Khorana performed revealed more bad news: it appeared Steve’s cancer had already spread out of his lymph nodes. There was a strong likelihood that Steve had stage 4 colon cancer.
Steve McCluski has been cancer free for 6 years. Read his story.

Cheralyn Gatto

In 2008, Cherlyn Gatto was a healthy 42-year-old wife and mother of five doing missionary work in Mexico when she began feeling dizzy, weak and out of breath. She flew back home to Rochester and was hospitalized due to severe anemia and had a colonoscopy, which found a very large tumor that required an operation.
Cherlyn Gatto has been cancer free for 2 years. Read her story.

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