Improving Life After Cancer

Judy's Fund: Hope for Cancer Survivors is a community-based initiative that supports the Judy DiMarzo Survivorship Program at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The goal of the program is to help cancer patients live longer, healthier lives. The program embraces the challenge of meeting the entire spectrum of needs of people who have been treated for this disease.

The Judy DiMarzo Survivorship Program addresses the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial issues in the transition from patient back to the person they were before diagnosis. Participants will meet with a specially trained nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant and registered nurse who will provide them with a history of their treatment, potential issues to watch for, and an individualized recovery plan. Included in the individualized recovery plan will be an outline of future visits as well as any further testing participants would need in the future.

"There are people that you meet that stay with you forever. I am glad that Judy will stay in the minds of so many – of people who never had the chance to meet her – through this fund."

- Meg Blaney, BMT Transplant Coordinator

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