About Judy's Fund

Judy’s Fund is an initiative that was established in 2012 in loving memory of Judy DiMarzo. Judy was a remarkable woman who fought non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with spirit and determination, while keeping her dedication to family and friends. She faced those years of treatment, remission, recurrence, and an eventual stem cell transplant with quiet courage and strength. Judy had an internal light that shone through despite all she experienced in her fight against cancer. No matter the challenges she faced, she would focus on the interests of others and aimed to put them at ease. She had incredible warmth, and a quiet resolve.

Judy’s husband, Richard, says that providing hope for those who face cancer is the best tribute to her determination and courage. For this reason he has created Judy’s Fund, Supporting the Community of Cancer Survivors at the University of Rochester James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute.

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