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Funding Opportunities

Endowed Professor of Cancer Survivorship – $1,500,000

Endowing a professorship will allow us to attract an expert with national credentials in survivorship to grow and run this program. This expertise will facilitate alignment between clinical and research projects, resulting in patient care improvements.

Endowed Fellowship Program in Cancer Survivorship – $1,000,000

An endowed fellowship program in Cancer Survivorship would allow us to recruit the world’s most promising young professionals who are interested in advancing care for cancer survivors. These fellows would translate the most cutting-edge research findings into protocols for the care of our region’s survivors. After their training, these fellows begin prestigious careers and bring their expertise in survivorship to influence cancer care across the globe.

Funding For Program Clinical Staff – $150,000 (annually) or a $1,000,000 Endowment

Clinical visits to educate cancer survivors about their health after cancer treatment and provide their care plans and treatment summaries are not easily reimbursable through insurance providers. These visits, led by high-level nursing professionals, need to be funded in other ways. This funding provides for a nurse practitioner or nurse manager to facilitate this care for patients and lead the educational visits. This funding also supports educational outreach efforts for the community of survivors and the region’s primary care providers.

Medical Records Integration – $50,000

This project would fund the integration of the care plans and treatment summaries into the electronic medical record system. Linking these documents ensures that patients will get the best care for years to come, even when they make a change in their provider of primary care. Additionally, this would serve to prompt primary care providers to take the steps suggested by the protocols in the care plans.

Support For Worldwide Partners in Cancer Survivorship – $5,000-$10,000 (annually)

This program would provide annual funding for one of our faculty to visit the other leaders in Cancer
Survivorship to learn new techniques and treatments, and then introduce these innovations into our own research, clinical, and educational initiatives.

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