By working as a consultant to your other cancer doctors, we help ensure that you have the most advanced treatments available to you.

Our Geriatric Oncology Clinic helps guide the treatments that are provided by other doctors:

  • Surgery. We help provide information on the risks and benefits of surgery. We also help determine whether you will need any special care during your surgery and recovery.
  • Chemotherapy and other cancer medicines. We help guide your treatment decisions so your cancer team can provide the safest, most effective approach that is individualized to you. 
  • Radiation. Since radiation is well-tolerated by older adults, we help determine whether radiation might be a better alternative to other kinds of cancer care.

In most cases, we will start working with you when your physician makes a referral to us. We will perform a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and then discuss that information with your cancer team so they can continue providing your care.

We are also able to work with older patients who do not have a current oncologist. In that case, we will perform our assessment, then refer you to the oncologists we feel can best help you.

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Our Program

Completely focused on providing cancer care for patients 70 years old or older.