Head & Neck Cancer Care

What to Expect

When you come to the Wilmot Cancer Center, you will find a team of people who are dedicated to making each step easier for you.

Every expert you need is right here in one place. So you will rarely have to go to another location for any part of your care.

If you need to meet with multiple doctors, you can often do it in just one visit. Our doctors will then work together to plan the best approach for you.

Wilmot’s care extends beyond doctors. We provide all the specialists you might need: nurses, dietitians, speech pathologists, speech therapists, audiologists, social workers, dental experts and support group leaders.

We closely monitor our patients for at least five years. We also provide a Care Coordinator for each patient, to help you navigate the process of cancer treatment and make sure you receive all of the services you might need.

Are you traveling from out of town? You and your family may be able to stay at Hope Lodge free of charge during your cancer therapy. Learn more about Hope Lodge.

Head and Neck Phone

Patient Support

Our head and neck support group meets the first Thursday of the month, 5-6:30pm. Call our social worker at (585) 275-6426 for more information.