Leukemia Care at Wilmot.

A diagnosis of leukemia is life changing for any patient. While there are many forms of leukemia—from slow-growing to highly aggressive—it is always important to seek out a center that is widely known for its leukemia care and research.

At the Wilmot Cancer Center, we offer doctors who are national and international experts in leukemia. Our doctors are also sub-specialists—in other words, the primary focus of their clinical training and efforts is treating leukemia . This is a critical consideration, since care for leukemia is changing so rapidly.

Wilmot also provides the area’s most clinical trials for leukemia. Clinical trials give patients access to cutting-edge treatments that are not yet available outside of the trial.

Why Wilmot?

  • Internationally recognized center for leukemia treatment and research.
  • Doctors who focus on treating leukemia exclusively.
  • The most leukemia clinical trials in the Finger Lakes Region.
  • Complete multidisciplinary care—every doctor you need under one roof.
  • Advanced treatments, including targeted and biological therapies.
  • The only center in the Finger Lakes Region offering stem cell transplantation.
  • Dedicated inpatient team for leukemia treatment.

Leukemia research and clinical trials at Wilmot.

The Wilmot Cancer Center is considered a national leader in leukemia research.

Our doctors and scientists helped to lay the groundwork for many of the advances in leukemia research over the last several decades. Currently, our researchers are involved in many promising research initiatives. For example, we are working on pinpointing the genes that underlie the growth of leukemia and identifying drugs that may target those genes.

Wilmot also offers patients many clinical trials for leukemia—more than any other center in the Finger Lakes Region. Clinical trials look at promising new ways to treat leukemia. By offering a large number of clinical trials, we give patients access to new treatments that will not be available at other centers for years.

By working with a cancer center like Wilmot that has a strong research effort, you not only gain access to the most advanced treatments available. You also help to move medicine forward, ensuring the very best care for future patients.

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