Treatments for Leukemia at Wilmot.

The Wilmot Cancer Center offers the most current treatments for leukemia. Typically, these treatments center around some kind of chemotherapy provided either as a pill or through an infusion.

We also offer many novel, cutting-edge treatments through our numerous clinical trials. These treatment protocols are designed by teams that include leading leukemia experts from around the world. Clinical trials give our patients access to treatments that are usually not available anywhere else in the region.

Wilmot is also the only center in the region offering stem cell transplants.

Biological therapy is a leukemia treatment that works with your body’s own immune system. By attaching a “flag” to leukemia cells, biological therapy helps your immune system to find and kill cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is how most leukemia is treated. It uses a drug to kill leukemia cells. The drug may come in pill form, or it may given as an infusion directly into your bloodstream. Depending on your type of leukemia, your doctor may prescribe one or more types of chemotherapy.

Stem cell transplant is used in some acute cases of leukemia. The diseased cells in your bone marrow are first killed by chemotherapy or radiation. New stem cells, usually from a donor, are then put into your bone marrow so they can begin producing healthy blood cells.

Targeted therapy attacks a specific function of leukemia cells. It helps to control the disease by making one part of leukemia cells break down and stop working.

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