Lymphoma Care at Wilmot

If you or a family member is diagnosed with lymphoma, you may have many questions about what to do next. The Wilmot Cancer Center is prepared to help you and your family navigate this process and to help ensure that you receive the best possible cancer care.

Wilmot is internationally known for lymphoma treatment and research. Our work has led to changes in the current understanding and treatment of lymphoma. This work has been acknowledged by numerous publications in respected medical journals on all aspects of lymphoma.

Our multidisciplinary lymphoma team includes skilled experts from many fields of medicine who collaborate to provide the most advanced care possible for you and your family. We are the largest lymphoma treatment center in Upstate New York. Patients travel to Rochester from throughout the country for the expertise and clinical studies that are only available at our institution.

The Wilmot Cancer Center is constantly working to develop novel and improved ways to treat all stages of lymphoma. We are internationally recognized for pioneering new treatments for patients with lymphoma who are not helped by standard therapies.

Being at the leading edge of lymphoma care allows us to offer our patients the most opportunities for success. Through our active clinical trials research program, we are able to provide many lymphoma treatments that are not available at other centers.

News & achievements

Why Wilmot?

  • Internationally recognized center for lymphoma treatment and research.
  • More clinical trials for lymphoma care than any other center in the region.
  • Access to the newest, most cutting-edge treatments including targeted biological drugs, radiation and radioimmunotherapy.
  • Team of doctors that includes national and international lymphoma experts.
  • More than 20 clinicians and scientists—one of the largest lymphoma teams in the Northeast.
  • Collaboration from experts in medical oncology, pathology, radiation oncology, stem cell transplant and hematology all under one roof.
  • Lymphoma research efforts that constantly seek to identify new, safer and more effective treatments.
  • The region’s only center for stem cell transplants (both autologous and allogeneic).

Lymphoma Clinical Trials and Research at Wilmot

The Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center is considered one of the world’s leading lymphoma research centers. We are actively involved in clinical trials as well as basic science research that seeks to understand the biology of lymphoma development and the best strategies for treatment.

Wilmot recently received a prestigious $11.5 million National Cancer Institute grant to support the expansion of lymphoma research and clinical trials. The highly competitive Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant allows us to conduct research that bridges the basic science laboratories and the clinic setting in what is known as “translational research”. This type of research allows us to quickly advance findings from the laboratory directly to patients in order to improve care and find cures.

Clinical trials look at new ways to treat lymphoma that are potentially more effective, safer or longer lasting. The Wilmot Cancer Center has over 20 active and ongoing clinical trials for patients with lymphoma. As a result, we are able to offer patients more treatment options before they become widely available. Clinical trials may provide hope for patients with cases of lymphoma that are particularly resistant to traditional therapies.

Our basic science research on lymphoma covers a wide range of topics. It is helping us understand how and why lymphomas develop, why lymphoma cells behave the way they do, and why certain genes get expressed—or “switched on” or not—in lymphoma. Our basic science and clinical research together are leading us closer toward individualized treatments based on the specific biology of a person’s disease. These ongoing efforts show great promise for changing the way lymphoma is understood and treated.

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