Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council brings patients and their families and loved ones together with the members of the health care team at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center to:

  • Strengthen coordination and communications among patients, families and the Wilmot Cancer Center health care team members.
  • Promote patient/family advocacy and involvement in the care and treatment process.

PFAC StaffThis committee is a welcome addition to the Wilmot Cancer Center’s caring community and highlights our commitment to outstanding patient care. Patients and their families often have valuable suggestions for health care improvements and by including them in the decision-making processes, the Wilmot Cancer Center’s it ability to consistently meet their needs is enhanced.

The Council’s mission and vision was patterned after programs at some of the leading cancer centers in the United States. The Council provides feedback to and partners with members of the health care team to find solutions to problems and challenges, and improve patients’ and families’ experiences and care.

Fay Wagman is a Wilmot Cancer Center Rounder

The 19-member Council is made of 13 current patients, family members and loved ones, as well as five Wilmot Cancer Center health care team members. A Council member can serve for up to three years. The Council has co-chairs, including a member of the Wilmot Cancer Center Board

More Information

The Council is always looking for new members. If you are interested, please contact our Director of Cancer Center volunteers at (585) 273-3895 or (585) 275-5307.