Carol Riccardi

Carol RiccardiI see my volunteer role at the Wilmot Cancer Center as making connections and helping patients through challenging situations. Each week, I welcome patients receiving chemotherapy treatments, help them get comfortable and serve them snacks or lunch. I also offer friendly conversation, a smile and most importantly, encouragement that better days are ahead. I try to let them know that there can be good health and good times on the other side of this.

I worked with staff and other volunteers to create the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), a partnership where staff and patients work together to achieve the best possible patient experience.  It's a place where Cancer Center patients, family members and staff frankly discuss what's going right at the center, where improvement is needed and how best to achieve that improvement.

As a Volunteer Rounder I have informal talks with patients about their experiences. I try to find out what is going well for them and what could be improved. I want to help ensure they are getting all their needs met.