Corey Walker

Corey Walker, Pre-med student, University of RochesterOver the last few years, I have decided to commit myself to pursuing a career as a physician. I knew it was critical to gain clinical exposure through patient interaction, so I became a volunteer for the Wilmot Cancer Center. I thought that I would only want to stay for a semester but, after realizing how rewarding it is working here, I decided to continue. I still volunteer today, over a year later.

Although, my main priority as a volunteer is to make sure patients are comfortable during their stay in the center, I also have the opportunity to talk with patients and even establish new friendships. The patients are extremely inspirational to me and have even helped to affirm my interest in medicine. I often feel that I gain more out of volunteering at the cancer center than I give because every week I am able to be around such wonderful people, be it patients, family members, doctors, nurses and other volunteers. I plan on continuing my experience at Wilmot for as long as I can.