Center for Experiential Learning

CEL Fee Schedule - External Programs

CEL Services Offered:
Program Management the day of the event
Registration Coordination
Onsite the day of the event - one coordinator per 75 registrants - includes nametags
Building of Basic Event Website $750
+ $8 per person
+ 2.5% of all fees collected (credit card bank fee)
Online Collection of Credit Card Website Build
No formal website - just a method to collect credit card fees 
Event Management Email Blasts
Save the Date / Invitation / Event Reminders / Additional email requests 
$150 per email
Grant Requests 20% of the grant received amount
+ $50/grant submitted
Exhibitor Requests 20% of the Exhibit fees received
Lab Support
charges include pass through supplies
1 hour lab = 1 hour tech time
suture $35/setup
splinting $29/setup
setup/clean up $60/hr
EMS Recording Service $149/room/day
$60/hr tech time
Audience Response System:
Turning Point / Response Ware
($30/clicker fee if not returned)
$25 fee/request (up to 10 session dates per request)
Olympus Digital Microscope Slides
(only loading slides)
$60/hr tech time 
CME Certification/Regularly Scheduled Series:  
up to 100 $795
+$4 per person - no certificates issued
101 - 250 $895
+$4 per person - no certificates issued
250 and above $995
+$4 per person - no certificates issued
CME Certification
Live Events & Enduring Materials 
+$4 per person - no certificates issued
+$8 per person - with certificates
CME Certification for Series $995
+$75/session review
+$4 per person - no certificates issued
+$8 per person - with certificates
CME Certification/Regionals Programs $995
+$8 per person with certificate
Datafile Formatting Fee $50/session/quarter
Transcript Fee $25 per person/year
Program Development Fee
Certification only programs
Duplicate Certificate  $15
programs older than 1 rolling year
Application Support
Assistance with writing applications/designing programs and collection of declaration forms.
+ $60/speaker
CEL Coordination Offered:
*  All coordination services incur a 15% CEL Administrative Fee
Postcards / Brochures / Posters / List Serves / Marketing Plans
Includes identifying US Postal mailing lists for target audiences, coordination with URMC Mail Services
Meeting Facility Coordination  - @ URMC
see attached for URMS Space charges
Meeting Facility Coordination - Outside URMC TB
Furniture Rental - @ URMC $5/table
Furniture Rental - Outside URMC (Nolan's) TBD
Environmental Services - @ URMC TBD
Environmental Services - Outside URMC TBD
Parking Services - @ URMC $400/lot
$6/coned spot
Parking Services - Outside URMC TBD
Media / AV Services - @ URMC $60/hour
Media / AV Services - Outside URMC TBD 
Special Coordination TBD
Additional CE's
Executed by the committee member identifed on the CME application.
CEL will facilitate payment of the additional CE application fees.
Food & Beverages TBD
Program Syllabus TBD
Blackboard Connection Fee
(Enduring Materials)