Smoking Cessation by Pediatricians for Parents of Children

The goals of this conference are to:

  • Review the epidemiology of tobacco smoke exposure in children.
  • Discuss why pediatricians should intervene with parents who smoke.
  • Present a practical, brief in-office approach to smoking cessation focused on the smoking parent.

During the evening of March 19 our Visiting Lecturer, Susanne Tanski, MD, MPH - a national expert in the field of smoking cessation - will provide a lecture on exposure to 'third-hand' smoke. The event will be held from600p to 830p in the foyer of the Saunders Research Building. Dinner will be provided. This event is free but is limited to 35 participants.

On March 20, a series of educational sessions will run from 800a-300p through the 'Third Wednesday CME Series' of the Department of Pediatrics.It will begin with Grand Rounds at 800ain theWhipple Auditorium. Dr Tanski will speak on smoking cessation.It will be followed in the late-morning by two-hours of additional didactic lectures and, in the early afternoon, by two-hours of workshops. Lunch is provided. CME is available.

The full itinerary is below:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

600p - 830p

Evening Event at Saunders Research Building


700p - 800p

"Dangers of Third Hand Smoke: Real or Rhetoric?"

S Tanski

CTSI Lobby / Rm 1416


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

800a - 900a

Grand Rounds at GCHaS

S Tanski

Whipple Auditorium


930a - 1200n

Third Wednesday CMELectures


930a - 1030a

"In-Office Approach to Smoking Cessation"

J Campbell

Bradford Library


1045a - 1145a

"Intensive Motivation and Pharmacotherapy Interventions for Tobacco Dependence"

G Williams

Bradford Library


1200n - 100p


S Tanski

Kaiser Room


100p -300p

Workshops at GCHaS



"Brief Office-Based Intervention"

S McIntosh

Cardiology Conference Room (4-5210)



"Role-Playing of the Motivational Interview"

S McIntosh/ J Campbell

Cardiology Conference Room (4-5210)

To register for the March 19 evening event, contact James R Campbell, MD, MPH at or call (585) 922-3919.

To register for the March 20 events, please call (585) 275-4354.

This conference is a Julius B. Richmond Center AAP/FAMRI Visiting Lectureship that is funded by the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI).