Center for AIDS Research

Center for AIDS Research

Improving the prevention, detection and treatment of HIV infection, AIDS and related diseases.

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To provide leadership, services and infrastructure necessary to: establish multidisciplinary collaborations that achieve high-impact discoveries; support the early career development of diverse young HIV/AIDS investigators; and to establish a distinctive scientific identity, placing the University of Rochester at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research.

Recent Publications

Bello-Irizarry, S. N., J. Wang, C. J. Johnston, F. Gigliotti, and T. W. Wright. 2014. MyD88 Signaling Regulates Both Host Defense and Immunopathogenesis during Pneumocystis Infection. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 192:282-292.

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Morse, D. S., C. Cerulli, P. Bedell, J. L. Wilson, K. Thomas, M. Mittal, J. S. Lamberti, G. Williams, J. Silverstein, A. Mukherjee, D. Walck, and N. Chin. 2014. Meeting health and psychological needs of women in drug treatment court. Journal of substance abuse treatment 46:150-157.

Ofori, L. O., T. A. Hilimire, R. P. Bennett, N. W. Brown, Jr., H. C. Smith, and B. L. Miller. 2014. High Affinity Recognition of HIV-1 Frameshift-Stimulating RNA Alters Frameshifting in Vitro and Interferes with HIV-1 Infectivity. J Med Chem.

Polesskaya, O., C. Wong, L. Lebron, J. M. Chamberlain, H. A. Gelbard, V. Goodfellow, M. Kim, J. L. Daiss, and S. Dewhurst. 2014. MLK3 regulates fMLP-stimulated neutrophil motility. Molecular immunology 58:214-222.

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Yadav, A. R., C. R. Mace, and B. L. Miller. 2014. Examining the Interactions of the Splicing Factor MBNL1 With Target RNA Sequences via a Label-Free, Multiplex Method. Analytical chemistry 86:1067-1075.