Center for AIDS Research

Micro Grants Program


The Micro Grants Program is intended to facilitate HIV/AIDS research by providing modest, but essential, resources that will advance research objectives - but that are not readily available from other sources. Funds may be used to support existing NIH-funded research activity, or the generation of preliminary data for planned HIV/AIDS-related NIH grant applications.


Funds may be used for any HIV/AIDS research-related purpose, including salary/wages (e.g. temporary employee to assist in data collection or analysis), consultant costs, equipment, travel, supplies, or study subject incentives. Costs of up to $2,500 per approved request will be supported.


Any CFAR faculty member who is eligible to apply for NIH funding as a PI. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Jennifer Lynch (585-273-2939), before applying, to discuss their planned proposal and its suitability for this RFP. *Restrictions: No more than 1 grant per PI or per project will be awarded in a year. Click here to review the Micro Grant PA.