Center for AIDS Research

Clinical and Translational Sciences Core

Amneris Luque James McMahon

Co-Directors: Amneris Luque, M.D. and James McMahon, Ph.D. This Core provides expertise and services to facilitate design, implementation and conduct of HIV/AIDS prevention, detection and treatment research. This core offers: study coordinator, patient access and sample collection services, regulatory and grant administration support, access to NIAID clinical research networks, support with international collaborations, study participation recruitment and community outreach and education. Click here to request services.

Study Coordinator/Patient Access and Sample Collection Services

  • Assistance with recruitment, screening and referral of subjects and study coordination support
  • Biological sample collection and conduct of minimal risk research
  • Access to HIV+ patient data registry populated from medical records of patients attending the adult HIV clinic

Regulatory and Grant Administration Training and Support

  • This Core provides guidance regarding the involvement of human subjects in HIV/AIDS research including:
    • Grant application support and information on NIH and URMC related policies and procedures
    • Developing Human Subject Protection Plans
    • IRB approval process, amendments, annual review

Consultative Services in Clinical and Translational Research

Community Outreach and Education

  • Coordinate community-based research and provide research advocacy and infrastructure support
  • Support various activities promoting community outreach and education including:
  • This Core assists CFAR investigators in collaborative projects with colleagues at The Desmond Tutu HIV Center at the University of Cape Town and the Perinatal HIV Reserach Unit at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa as well as access to the South African Wellness Database for analysis and publicaction. For information about International Projects, please contact Michael Keefer.