Mentoring and Training

Mentoring Program

The CFAR supports career development the next generation of URMC HIV/AIDS researchers through a structured mentoring program that matches outstanding, experienced mentors with diverse, young mentees through multidisciplinary mentoring teams that supplement the traditional mentor-mentee dyad. Learn more about CFAR mentoring.

HIV Training Grants

The SMD supports a predoctoral training program in laboratory-based HIV/AIDS research that is directed by Dr. Maggirwar (Director, Basic Sciences Core) [Training in HIV Replication and Pathogenesis, NIH T32 AI049815]. The SMD also supports a combined pre- and post- doctoral training program in statistical theory and methods as applied to HIV/AIDS research, that is co-directed by Dr. Liang and Dr. Wu (Director, Biostats Core) [Training in Biostatistics for HIV/AIDS, NIH T32 AI083206].

Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Career Development

The UR CFAR has a close working relationship with the URMC CTSI that ensures efficient and synergistic use of resources to optimally meet the needs of HIV/AIDS researchers. Learn more about CFAR and CTSI Career Development.

Translational Biomedical Sciences PhD

The goal of this unique program is to prepare individuals for academic and clinical careers relating to the translation of basic biomedical research into clinical strategies to improve health. Through feedback from clinical situations, program graduates will also target and stimulate basic scientific research in pursuit of causes of disease and optimal therapies to prevent and cure disease. TBS-PhD-Program-Brochure

Recent Events

2013 World AIDS Day

In honor of World AIDS Day the CFAR hosted a scientific symposium featuring talks from prestigious experts in the AIDS community and research posters from students and post doctoral associates training at the UR.

Congratulations to this year's poster award recipients!
*David Griffith, Departments of Internal Medicine/Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine
*Meera Singh, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
*John DiMaio, Department of Chemistry
*Katherine Thomas, Department of Psychiatry
*Christopher Nishimura, Department of Microbiology and Immunology