November 8, 2013 ( Friday )

Grand Rounds

The Jack Ruby Murder Trial: Guilty or Not Responsible?

presented by Laurence B. Guttmacher, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Humanities; Advisory Dean, University of Rochester School of Medicine; Clinical Director, Rochester Psychiatric Center

Location:  K-307 (3-6408)

Posted by:  Mary Fisher, Medical Humanities, 7-Oct-13 9:57am ET

Grand Rounds
7:30am - 8:30am

Mary Lee Vance, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine and Neurosurgery, Associate Director, General Clinical Research Center, University of Virginia

"Growth Hormone, Too Little, Too Much: TBD"

Location:  K-307

Posted by:  Linda Hurst, Medicine, 28-Oct-13 10:37am ET

Research Meetings
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Department of Biology EEB Seminar

Dr. Vincent Martinson, University of Rochester "The gut microbiota of bees and wild drosophilids"

Location:  Hutchison 316

Posted by:  Deborah Lawrence, Biology, 17-Oct-13 8:49am ET

Research Meetings
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Second Friday Science Social

November 2013 presentation title tbd

Speaker: Dr. Richard Phipps

When? 4 PM, November 8

location tbd

And then? Drinks & snacks in the Forbes Mezzanine

More info on SFSS:

Location:  location tbd, Medical Center

Posted by:  Jill Van Atta, Dept of Biomedical Genetics, 21-Mar-13 4:06pm ET