For Referring Providers

Referring a Patient

Urgent Evaluation

  • To contact Pediatric Emergency Medicine, call (585) 275-4708
  • To speak with a pediatric specialist about a patient's condition, page the on-call Pediatric Chief Resident to assist at (585) 275-2222
  • To directly admit a patient, page the on-call Pediatric Chief Resident at (585) 275-2222. Please indicate whether you would like the patient admitted to your service or to one of our faculty services.
  • To discuss questions or concerns about our admission processes or inpatient workflow, page Dr. Lauren Bruckner, Clinical Director of Inpatient Services, at (585) 275-2222

Non-Urgent Evaluation

Transferring a Patient From Another Facility

Obtain an Update on Your Patient

If you would like more information on your patient and are unsure who to contact, you can always call (585) 275-2222 and ask to page the Pediatric Chief Resident who will be able to assist you. 

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