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Program in Aging and Developmental Disabilities (PADD)

Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center 2010-2015


The mission of the Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center of Upstate New York (FLGEC-UNY) is to improve the health care delivered to older adults through enhanced geriatric education of health and allied health professionals. The members of this consortium include public and private health training programs in upstate New York anchored by:

  1. Department of Medicine: Division of Geriatrics & Aging
  2. Department of Pediatrics: Program in Aging and Developmental Disabilities

The consortium approach capitalizes on the unique resources of the partnering institutions and acknowledges that a credible regional geriatric education effort surpasses the capability of any single institution. The FLGEC-UNY will:

  1. Provide continuing education of health professionals who provide geriatric care,
  2. Provide students with clinical training in geriatrics in nursing homes and other venues
  3. Support training and retraining of faculty,
  4. Improve training of health professionals, and
  5. Develop and disseminate curricula

As a FLGEC-UNY partner, the Program in Aging and Developmental Disabilities (PADD) will support the mission and objectives by providing area service providers education and training on older individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) as follows:

Fellowship for Nurses and Clinicians in Aging and IDD

The goal of this online course is to allow 50 (10 per year) highly motivated participants from regional IDD and aging service agencies to explore geriatric care in IDD through a semi-structured seminar and visits to existing community services. This design will enable them to learn and observe existing best-practices as well as research a topic of interest to them in their particular role/work setting.

Download an application for the 2013 FLGEC Aging and IDD Fellowship.

Applications are due Monday March 4, 2013. Please email Kate Nobis for an MS Word document of the application.

Webinars on Aging and IDD

Distance learning on a variety of topics related to aging with IDD using GoToWebinar to reach a wider audience, especially rural areas.

Continuing Education of Health Professionals who Provide Geriatric Care

Educational opportunities (lectures, grand rounds, and clinical observation) for medical students, residents, fellows, and current health care practitioners by URMC faculty will enhance the understanding of aging and IDD and lead to better care and health outcomes in this population.

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