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Program in Aging and Developmental Disabilities (PADD)

New York State Third Age Committee

22nd Annual New York State Third Age Providers Conference

Perspectives on Aging and IDD

Friday November 22, 2013

Genesee ARC
38 Woodrow Road
Batavia, NY

Featured speakers:

  • Kathleen Bishop Ph.D.
  • Molly Scharf M.D.
  • Debbie Miller A.B.S.

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Requesting Nominations for the 2013 Paul Vanas Memorial Service Award

To be presented at the 22nd Annual New York State Third Age Providers Conference in Saratoga Springs May 9-10, 2013

Paul Vanas Nomination Form 2013

Paul Vanas Memorial Service Award

This award is named after Paul Vanas, a New York State Office for the Aging employee who played a pivotal role in developing services for older adults. Through his work with Adult Day Care and the Ombudsman program, Paul became a founding member of the Third Age Committee. Paul was a leader in his field and a true friend of aging services advocates. This award was established in 1994 to recognize the contributions of individuals and programs that exemplify this same spirit of advocacy and dedication in providing service opportunities to older people with developmental disabilities.

2012 Paul Vanas Award Winners

Each year the Paul Vanas Memorial Service Award is presented at the NYS Third Age Providers Conference. Three awards are given to people and programs that have demonstrated a considerable impact on the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are aging in New York State.

2012 Winner:

  • Jennifer Welkey, Residence Manager, Arc of Monroe

About The Third Age Committee

Mission of the Third Age Committee

The Third Age Committee is dedicated to focusing on issues for aging persons with developmental disabilities. The committee sponsors an Annual Conference, provides a network of experienced trainers, and provides guidance and feedback to New York State's Office for People With Developmental Disabilities Aging Services.

The Program in Aging and Developmental Disabilities (PADD) has been a proud supporter of the New York State Third Age Committee and Annual Conference since its inception in 1991.

History of “Third Age”

English Sciologist and Historian, Peter Laslett, in his book A Fresh Map of Life: The Emergence of the Third Age, used the term the "third age" to characterize that period of our life span when work takes on less importance and avocational endeavors, friendships and life's closure occupy more time. Life span can be segmented into four periods:

  • Childhood and learning
  • Maturity and work
  • Retirement and enlightenment
  • Increasing infirmity and finality

The Committee chose the term "third age" to characterize those services and programs available at a time when people with disabilities have another chance to explore life's gifts. Some may continue working, some may retire, some may begin new adventures, and still others may choose other means of coping with life's closure. The range of older adult services and programs exemplifies the diversity of experiences people should have as they age. We thus view retirement in its broadest sense - enabling older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to choose to do what they want and enjoy an ordinary life within their community.

Committee Members

More Information

For more information, or if you are interested in serving on the NYS Third Age Committee, please contact Mary Ketter at (518) 761-4052 or by email at


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