Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

How to find behavioral health services

Behavioral health services can help parents to learn new ways to help improve their child’s behavior. Therapists can help families to find better ways to work together.  They can also help children learn ways to manage anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. We know that families want to find the best person to help their child. 

Step 1: Know what type of services your child needs. 

  • A clinical psychologist or a Licensed Social Worker can provide individual or family therapy. They cannot prescribe medicines.
  • A Psychiatrist is a physician who can prescribe medicine for behavior.  Some psychiatrists also provide therapy. 
  • A psychiatric nurse practitioner can prescribe medicines and provide therapy. 

Step 2:  Learn what your insurance plan covers. You might find this on benefits web page of your employer. You might need to call your insurance company.

Step 3: Find out the names of therapists covered by your insurance. Call member services or go to the insurance plan web site. Search for child psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners or child/adolescent psychiatrists. 

Step 4.  Review the names and look at the information provided.  Look for the following and narrow the list.

  • What is the provider’s specialty?
  • What age child do they see?
  • Is the provider male or female? (If that matter to you and your child)
  • How far is their office from your home or school?

Step 5. Select 3-4 names and call for more information.  Questions you might ask include:

  1. Are you taking new patients?
  2. Do you see children that are ____ years old?
  3. Do you specialize or have experience in ______ (anxiety, autism, behaviors, opposition, Asperger’s Disorder, social skills, life skills, depression etc)?
  4. What is your approach to treating this type of problem?
  5. Do you work with the child, the family, or both?
  6. What type of therapy do you do? (play, talk, cognitive behavioral, art etc)
  7. Can I meet with you for a consult before you meet my child?
  8. Do you work with a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner if medication is needed?
  9. How often do you usually see patients?
  10. Do you have evening or after school hours?

Step 6: Compare the information from the therapists you talk to. Consider how easy or hard it was to contact him or her. Consider whether the conversation felt comfortable. When you have decided on a therapist, arrange the appointment. You might ask to be on the wait list for sooner appointments if the wait is long.

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