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Comfort Udofa

Comfort Udofa

Current Appointment

Secretary for the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics clinic


Comfort Udofa has worked at the University of Rochester since 2006 and joined the Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in 2007.

Roles and Responsibilities

I answer phone calls for families and try to connect them to the correct person in our division and take messages for the nursing triage team. When families call our office to schedule an initial evaluation for their child, I enter their information into the electronic record and mail out the intake paperwork. In order to have a complete understanding of a family’s concerns, we ask them to gather information from their medical doctor and  school team which includes IEPs and any other testing.  I also schedule follow up appointments for the doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionist and our behavioral feeding clinic. I mail all reports to the families once completed by the providers.

Patient Care Profile

I recognize that many of our families call when they need to make appointments for their children, have a question for their provider; need prescription refills. I try to assist families by ensuring all information is current to expedite their calls.

I have grown to understand that many families are stressed due to the many challenges they may face and I try to be sensitive to their needs.

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