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Linda Howell

Linda HowellCurrent Appointment

Linda provides phone support and is the triage nurse for the Kirch Developmental Services Center


Linda Joined the University of Rochester in 1993 and joined the NDBP team in 2008.

Roles and Responsibilities

The primary role that I have in our office is to work with our medical providers and social workers to answer parent’s concerns when they call our office.  This may include medication management, behavioral advice or offering recommendations for community supports for parents.   

I have assisted with development of Medication Decision Aid Toolkit and The Guide for Managing Constipation in Children with Autism.  These were done with the Autism Speaks organization for parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder.

I also assist with developmental assessments in the Infant/Toddler Program. 

Patient Care Profile

I enjoy talking with parents and helping to sort out and triage the specific questions or challenges that they are having with their children or medication issues. My interest and experience has always been in pediatric nursing especially children with developmental and behavioral issues. I spent many years in a primary care office and can help parents work thru an issue that may require an evaluation with the child’s primary care provider, especially when it may be contributing to a change in their child’s behavior. 

Unfortunately, I do not get to meet the families that I talk with on the phone, but I think highly of our families and their ability to care for their children and manage changes that occur. It is a pleasure to talk with parents and try to help find a solution or assist them in any way that I can.


  • 1969, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, RN Diploma
  • 1998,University of Western Ontario, B.A. Sociology

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