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Patricia Corbett-Dick

Patricia Corbett-DickCurrent Appointment

  • Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Specialist in: Child/Adolescent Health, Behavior and Development


In clinic, I see children and families for developmental, behavioral and/or medication monitoring.  I also meet with families in the  Parent Management Training Program. I am working in a clinical research role, as well, along with Drs Smith, Hyman and Silverman as a collaborator on the Children with Hyperactivity and Autism Research Treatment Study (CHARTS).  On faculty at the UR School of nursing, I teach graduate nurse practitioner students in both the Pediatric and Psychiatry-Mental Health Programs.

I work closely with children and their parents in NBDP to promote and maintain both physical and mental health, addressing identified problems with individualized behavioral and, if needed, medication plans to address issues that affect health and/or function. I have an interest in promoting careful and thoughtful use of psychotropic medication in children, and have experience in practice, teaching and research in this area. 

I have worked at the University of Rochester for over 25 years, in roles in adolescent medicine, general pediatrics and in developmental/behavioral care. I have experience in community primary care as well. I have been delivering care in Kirch /NDBP since 2006.

Patient Care Profile

My approach to patient care is comprehensive, family focused and is influenced by years of experience with a broad cross section of children and families, as well as formal education in pediatrics and mental health. I approach children and adolescents using a respectful and strength based approach, and believe in promoting health, safety and wellness for the child in the family, school and community context.  Promoting youth and  parent participation in medical decision making is part of my approach to care delivery, and is an area of professional interest. While I have developed expertise in use of medication for challenging behaviors, I believe in addressing challenging behaviors in a multipronged approach: promoting skill building for the child and family, looking at the  school and community settings as well. 

When not working, I enjoy running, skiing, cycling, yoga, gardening and spending time with my family and my dogs.


  • 2011, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Postmaster’s Certificate; Child-Adolescent Psychiatry Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

  • 1987, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing; Primary Care Program, Younger Track

  • 1981, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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