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What Else Can I Do Before the Day of My Child's Evaluation/Appointment?

We regret that there is often a significant period between the Intake Interview and the evaluation appointment. The exact length of time depends on the specific type of evaluation your child needs. This delay has to do with a shortage of professionals with the skills and expertise to provide high quality evaluation and treatment to children with developmental delays and disabilities.

While you are waiting for your child’s evaluation/appointment, there are a number of things you can do:

  • Complete the New Patient Questionnaire and gather results of past testing from your child’s pediatrician, school or Early Intervention team. This written information about your child is important for us to be able to provide your child with a thorough evaluation. It is important that we receive any reports or test results a minimum of two weeks prior to the appointment so that the provider(s) have time to review them before you arrive. If we receive your paperwork early, we may be able to offer you earlier appointments that often become available because of cancellations.
  • Work with your child’s Early Intervention or Educational team to implement recommendations identified in their evaluations.
  • Follow-up on recommendations made by the intake coordinator. Our intake coordinators often make suggestions about available community resources, providers who can help with addressing challenging behavior, or programs for which your child may qualify. Don’t wait! Many of these same suggestions are likely to be made at your evaluation and pursuing them before the evaluation/appointment might be helpful to your child.

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