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Family at PicnicOur nutrition services are set up to meet the needs of children with developmental and behavioral challenges. These children may be at higher nutritional risk because of medicines, special diets, and eating difficulties. These factors can result in problems such as:

  • Nutrient deficiencies (i.e. vitamin D and/or iron)
  • Weak bones
  • Overweight or underweight
  • Slow growth

Our registered dietitian (RD) provides evaluation of nutrition status and recommendations for improving nutrition status. Nutrition education and counseling help families make changes at home.

Meeting with our dietitian will help you and your child:

  • Build a base for good health and wellness
  • Improve food choices and habits for the best, lifelong health.
  • Maintain, gain or lose weight
  • Select foods to meet the nutritional needs of children with food allergies or preferences

Who Might Benefit From Our Nutrition Services

  • Children with food allergies or intolerances
  • Children with severely limited (restricted) food intake
  • Children who are on special diets
  • Children taking dietary supplements
  • Children taking medicines that affect their food intake
  • Children who are underweight or have trouble gaining weight
  • Children who are overweight or obese

How to Make An Appointment

Call (585)275-2986 and ask for an appointment with our Registered Dietitian, Brianne Schmidt.

We recommend that families contact their insurance company to confirm coverage before to making appointment. Many, but not all companies cover nutrition services. Some families choose self-pay when insurance does not cover this service.

What to Expect

Girl with AppleBefore the Appointment:

  • You will be asked to keep track of your child’s intake for 3 days in a food record. From this the dietitian will assess your child’s nutrient intake. Please be sure to mail or fax this food record back before your child’s visit
  • Pack up and bring along nutritional supplements your child takes
  • Talk with our staff about whether or not the child needs to attend the appointment

During the Appointment:

  • You will be asked questions about your child's:
    • Medical and family history
    • Eating habits
    • Diet restrictions or allergies
    • Dietary supplements and medicines
  • The dietician will give information on nutrition status based on the diet record
  • The dietitian will discuss possible changes to your child’s intake. She will provide you with child friendly diet changes to improve your child’s intake of
    important foods and nutrients
  • A special eating plan may be developed for your child

If your child has trouble trying new foods or has other behavioral feeding issue, you may be referred to our Feeding Psychologist in the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program

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