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Only through research can we learn what works best for a given group of patients, understand what causes disease, and develop safe and effective treatments and preventive measures. Through research, we make the care of tomorrow infinitely better than that we can provide today.

Why We Need Your Support…

There is a significant gap between what research costs and what we are able to generate from external funding as grants. NIH funding does not cover the salaries of mentors, support staff, research supplies, equipment, or buildings.

Of the total dollars spent in research, only about 65% of costs are covered by external funding. Our current resources are used to fill the gap. Growth is stifled as the number of new studies that our investigators are able to pursue is limited, as resources are exhausted. Your contributions will allow for new studies to investigate cures.

Another contributing factor is that NIH funding has significantly decreased, making it extraordinarily competitive to secure grants; hence, we have an outreach to fund professorships. These will enable us to draw experts who have a proven track record of success, securing funding and a national reputation.

The Proof…

Biomedical scientists at Golisano Children's Hospital are at the forefront of discovery.  We were: the first to use surfactant, the chemical that keeps the sacs of the lungs open, in premature infants; the inventors of the vaccine that prevents a common and deadly form of meningitis in children; and the developers of the strategy to prevent blindness in babies exposed to oxygen therapy as newborns. Millions of children are alive and healthy and have grown to productive adulthood because of what Golisano Children's Hospital scientists have taught the world through research.

Help fund new research to prevent childhood obesity, improve treatment for congenital heart disease, understand and treat autism and cerebral palsy, treat childhood cancer and prevent the side effects of its treatment, or treat scoliosis.

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