Center for Community Health

Research Support

Community-Engaged Research Services

The Center for Community Health facilitates access to a range of consultation services related to community-engaged research. Services are offered to ensure that investigators have support for both project development and to conduct studies in the community.

We offer services in the following areas:

1. Proposal Support: Project Assessments, Budgets, Evaluation

Consultation on project alignment with community priorities and programs; review and facilitation of community input on project design, aim and implementation; budget recommendations to support community collaboration, recruitment and retention activities; and review of project evaluation and conduct

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2. Community Partnerships: Facilitating Research-Community Linkages

Consultation includes identification of potential community partners, facilitation of introductions, speaking engagements, meeting/recruitment venues, and letters of support; coordination of community input on all phases of research projects including identification of target population, research objectives, project organization, and interpretation of data; coaching on the terms of partnership arrangements to maximize community engagement and participation; and recommendations for mini-grant support, when appropriate.

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3. Practice-Based Research: Linkages, Protocols, IRB Best Practices

Consultation on developing and implementing practice-based research, facilitation of linkages with potential sites, protocols to maximize physician engagement, database requests for research subject identification and recruitment, and advice on “best practices” for meeting IRB requirements. Opportunities are also available for on-line training for managing practice-based projects and maintaining rapport with physicians and staff.

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4. Recruitment/Retention: Strategies to Set and Achieve Participation Goals

Consultation on project feasibility with community input; development and implementation of targeted public relations and marketing strategies to achieve recruitment goals, including methods to reach diverse audiences; review and recommendations for project protocols and materials, implementation and evaluation techniques to maximize participation and retention.

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5. Online Education: Community Engaged Research CME/CNE Credit

Opportunities for online education and CME/CNE credit for community-engaged research to give participants a perspective on the rationale for using a community-engaged research approach to plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate health promotion and disease prevention interventions to reduce health disparities.

6. Research Space: Meeting and Focus Group Venues

Facilities available at the Center for Community Health at 46 Prince Street for conducting research, education seminars, and subject recruitment. Options include exams rooms, office space, conference rooms for meetings or focus groups (no two-way mirrors), a teaching kitchen and large meeting space with videotaping technology.

For more information, please call (585) 224-3053.