URMC Compliance Program Policy Manual:
Fund Raising

In furtherance of their charitable purposes, certain entities within URMC conduct fund-raising activities through various means. The organizations comply with New York State registration, record keeping, and reporting requirements with respect to its fund-raising activities. URMC policy requires that all solicitation of charitable contributions must be done under the supervision of the entity's development office. The URMC entities do not authorize any employee or other individual to use any entity's name in any fund-raising activities not approved or supervised by the organization's development office.

It is illegal for any person to make any false, deceptive, or misleading statement in connection with a solicitation of funds or a sale of goods or services to benefit an entity within the URMC system. It is against policy to use any sponsor or endorsement in connection with fund-raising activities unless the sponsor or endorsement has been verified by the entity's development office.

If an organization or its employees violate the law on charitable donations, the organization could lose its ability to raise funds. In addition, individuals could be subjected to criminal prosecution resulting in fines and imprisonment.