URMC Compliance Program Policy Manual:
Independent Contractors and Vendors

Goods and services are purchased from many consultants, independent contractors, and vendors. URMC policy is that all contractors and vendors who provide items or services to the URMC entities must comply with all applicable laws and URMC policies. Each consultant, vendor, contractor, or other agent furnishing items or services worth at least $25,000 per year shall be given a copy of the Compliance Program Policy, or in the judgment of the person purchasing the goods or services, a relevant summary, and shall provide a written certification that it is aware of and will comply with Compliance Program Policy. Contractors should bring any questions or concerns about URMC practices or their own operations to the Compliance Officer.

Personnel who work with consultants, contractors, and vendors or who process their invoices should be aware that these compliance policies apply to those outside companies as well. Employees are encouraged carefully to monitor the activities of contractors in their areas. Any irregularities, questions, or concerns on those matters should be directed to the Compliance Officer.