Directions to Facility I

Facility I (Room 4-7546) houses the new FV1000 Olympus Confocal Microscope and FV1000 workstation.

  • Go to the Medical School wing (S-wing) by following signs for the YELLOW ELEVATORS.
  • Take a Yellow Elevator to the fourth floor.
  • Once off the elevator, walk toward the wall clock.
  • At the clock, turn right.
  • Go through the fire door and continue straight down the hallway to the end. Room 4-7546 will be on the right-hand side of the hall near the end.

Directions to Facility II

Facility II (Room 1-2100) houses all remaining Core instruments.

  • Go to the front of the hospital by to the end of either the North corridor (corridor that overlooks Elmwood Ave.) or the South corridor (corridor that overlooks Crittenden).
  • At the end of either of those corridors, turn right and continue to the GREEN ELEVATORS.
  • Continue down the hallway until you reach the Pathology Laboratory Suites, 1-2100 area.
  • Outside the door is a keypad. Type the correct number for the confocal microscope.

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