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How do I change my access in eRecord?
To change your access (what it is that you can see in eRecord), complete the Access Request form found on the eRecord website. Click on the Research section and follow the instructions.
How do I make a request for data from eRecord?
To request cost, financial, and clinical data please visit the Data Access page.
What do I do if I can't find what I am looking for in eRecord?
If you cannot find the information that you are looking for in eRecord, simply send an email to to ask for assistance.
Does Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) language need to be included in the consent?
The current template supplied by the RSRB is adequate to address the issue of information being sent to the RHIO.
How do studies that go through WIRB get approved for inclusion in eRecord?
Completing the eRecord portion of the ROSS application. The WIRB liaison will review the information to make sure the justification is adequate and appropriate information is included in the consent form. WIRB does not approve the inclusion of documentation in eRecord.
How can our studies be entered into eRecord?
Only those studies that have been approved for inclusion in eRecord by the IRB can be entered into eRecord.  For slides and a presentation on how to apply for study inclusion in eRecord, visit the OHSP website at Research Education and Training Seminar Materials. This portion of the RSRB update was presented near the end of the seminar.

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