Novel Clinical & Translational Methodologies Pilot Funding Awards

Drs. Eddie Schwarz and John Treanor

Two steps have been identified as the major roadblocks that prevent new information in the basic sciences from being translated into new therapies for clinical application: the discovery step (translation between bench and bedside) and the implementation step (translation between bedside and practice). During its first five years, the University of Rochester CTSI addressed these roadblocks through the Novel Clinical & Translational Methodologies Pilot Funding Awards Program. The overall goal of the program was to help overcome specifically identified limitations at either the discovery or implementation step by developing widely applicable methodologies that will significantly enhance the validity and accuracy, scope, or speed of translational research.

For example, Novel Methodologies awards supported the development of a novel in vivo imaging technique for lymphatic flow, a method for detecting disease-specific biomarkers for auto-immune diseases, and the development of new assays for measuring potent lipid mediators. In addition, awards supported the development of several novel biostatistical methodologies. Hypothesis-driven research and development of specific clinical diagnostic methods or therapies were not supported by this mechanism.

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