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gunacial CTSI Pilot Program: Exploring a new bladder cancer treatment vascular care Comparative Effectiveness in Vascular Care
dye Seminar recap: Unwanted pregnancy — A high-risk perinatal condition? data blitz SRB Data Blitz Today!!!!
lynn liu Seminar recap: Reproductive Issues in People with Epilepsy patent Good Advice: Case Studies in Clinical Research, Regulation, and the Law
kitzamn CTSI Director's Update October 2014 community health Community Health Mini-Grant Program
kitzman Seminar Recap: Studies in Uterine Fibroids proteomics Proteomics Seminar Brings Universities Together
crc Checking in at the CRC: Fall 2014 call for posters Call for posters: Wilmot Cancer Institute 19th Annual Scientific Symposium

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Upcoming Events

Monday, October 20th

Workshop for the Common Fund Glycoscience Program FOAs

RSRB Online Submission System (ROSS) Training

SRB Data Bitz: Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Tuesday, October 21st

Bioinformatics Basics

Narrative Transformations of Clinical and Pedagogic Practice

Patents and the Patenting Process

Comparative Effectiveness in Vascular Care

“Land of Achievement: Extending the Reach of Science” 16th Annual National Small Business Innovation in Research Conference

Wednesday, October 22nd

Spinal Problems in the Elderly

Intellectual Property: Opportunities for Residents and Fellows

ERKonomics in Metabolic Signaling

Alcohol Regulation of Notch Signaling in Vascular Cells

Devising Your Funding Game Plan

Thursday, October 23rd

Shoolman Lecture

Saturday, October 25th

UR Ventures Commercialization Boot Camp


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The CTSI supports medical students interested in a year-out experience of mentored research in clinical or translational research. We anticipate most students will enter through the Academic Research Track (ART), since the ART curriculum was the basis for the program developed within the CTSI.