The CTSI offers two e-mail listservs that are available to anyone interested in the activities and progress of the Institute.


CTSI-NEWS is used to announce CTSI funding opportunities and important news, and is one of the distribution channels for the CTSI Collaborator newsletter. Only CTSI staff may send messages out through this listserv, so you can be assured that messages will be timely, relevant, important and infrequent. Sign up for the CTSI-NEWS Listserv


ERECORD_RESEARCH informs members of upcoming events and information regarding the soon-to-be-implemented eRecord system to be used by researchers and clinicians. Sign up for the ERECORD_RESEARCH Listserv

These listservs support archives, and archives may be searched via the listserv web interface.


The SCORE Listserv is used to communicate SCORE-sponsored educational and networking events to those who conduct human subject research.  Only CTSI staff may send messages out through this listserv.  Learn more about SCORESign up for the SCORE listserv. 


NIH Funding Acknowledgement ** Important ** All publications resulting from the utilization of CTSI resources are required to credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH FUNDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.