Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please address all questions about the Cardiovascular Research Pilot Grant and forward all submissions (PDF files only) to Ms. Jackie Stevens at

Due to the large number of questions, Ms. Stevens will not be able to answer each question individually, and instead will answer all questions on this page.

  • When will the grant proposals be reviewed ?
    The proposals will be reviewed in the last week of July 2014 and the applicants will be notified on August 1, 2014.
  • Can the budget include funds for salaries of technicians and students and fellows? Yes.
    Can the budget include funds for salaries of faculty? Yes, but not for the PI.
    Should we prepare a budget for two years? Yes.
  • When should applications be submitted?

    Complete applications should be submitted as a single PDF to Ms. Jackie Stevens by email by 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 1.

  • The due date for the CVRI full proposals lands on a Sunday (June 1). Does that mean we have until Monday June 2? If so, are they due at the end of the day by 5pm? Since the original due date is on Sunday, June 1, the final proposals will be accepted until 5pm on Monday, June 2.

  • Can I propose a research topic outside of the 3 strategic plan areas (heart failure, vascular inflammation & fibrosis, and thrombosis)? The Review Committee will give preference to proposals which focus on the 3 strategic plan priorities, and will give priority to heart failure projects.
  • Will indirect costs be included in the award? The Cardiovascular Research Pilot Grants do not give indirect costs.
  • How many grants can CVRI faculty submit to the Cardiovascular Research Pilot Grants? Each CVRI faculty member may submit only one application. Each CVRI faculty member may only be a Multiple Principle Investigator on one application.
  • Can adjunct CVRI faculty submit grant applications? URMC faculty members who are located outside of the Aab CVRI are encouraged to submit an application.
  • What is the format of the application? Please prepare your applications in Arial font size 11 with 0.5 inch margins at top, bottom, left, and right. Submit your application as a PDF file. The precise location for a submission will be posted soon.

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URMC is pleased to name the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute in honor of long-time friends, Richard and Jackie Aab, whose gift of $5 million is helping to transform our community.

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