Aab Dedication

Joel Seligman, Mark Taubman, Jackie Aab,
Richard Aab and Brad Berk cut the ribbon at
the Aab CVRI dedication ceremony.

Program Copy

The University of Rochester Medical Center is pleased to name the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute in honor of long-time friends, Richard and Jackie Aab, whose gift of $5 million is helping to transform our community.

Mr. and Mrs. Aab are lifelong Rochesterians. Married for more than 35 years, the Aabs are the dedicated parents of two grown and accomplished children. Both Rick and Jackie Aab are involved in numerous charitable, community, and educational activities, but see family as their proudest achievement.

Perceptive. Innovative. An entrepreneur's entrepreneur. This is how Rick Aab's colleagues and friends describe his love of scientific innovation and his business acumen.

Mr. Aab's track record bears witness to those qualities. He is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of E-chx Inc., a privately held payroll services company servicing 6,000 businesses throughout the United States. Mr. Aab co-founded US LEC Corp., headquartered in North Carolina in 1996 and served as the Chairman of the Board of this industry-leading public telecommunications company until he merged it with Rochester's PAETEC Corp. in February of 2007. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of PAETEC's Board of Directors.

Mr. Aab's reputation in the telecommunications industry stems from1982 when he founded ACC Corp. He subsequently led the Rochester-based, publicly owned company to become an internationally based provider of telecommunications services. ACC Corp. is now part of AT&T Corp. Mr. Aab is also a member of the Board of Directors of Medifast, Inc.

Eight years ago, Mr. Aab joined the University of Rochester Medical Center Board—excited about the enormous potential of technology to transform medicine, just as it had telecommunications. Mr. Aab's remarkable ability to grasp complex science coupled with his keen understanding of business potential has made him an invaluable member of the Medical Center's—and the University's—governance. Six years ago, Rick accepted an invitation to become a University of Rochester Trustee.

Not content to limit his involvement to board and committee meetings, Rick makes time to meet directly with scientists, learning first-hand about their ideas and suggesting ways to advance technology. Scientists respect him as knowledgeable, engaging, and committed.

While Rick and Jackie appreciate the economic impact of biomedical science on our community, they are equally committed to the promise it holds for human health. Both sincerely wish that their gift to the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute will provide real hope for their family and the tens of thousands of others touched by cardiovascular disease.

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