Psychological Testing Casebook

The third project in this category is the drafting of a textbook on psychological testing methods and principles with deaf adults, in the style of a "casebook" where instructional narrative is interwoven with clinical case examples to further the reader's appreciation for the clinical application of the procedures and analytical processes described.

No such textbook, nor anything resembling such a text, presently exists. There are books, book chapters, and articles that evaluate, critique and provide some guidance on psychological testing issues with deaf people (Blennerhassett, 2000; Braden, 1994; Brauer, et al, 1999; Pollard, 2002a; Samar, Parasnis & Berent, 1998; Ziezulia, 1982), but nothing that clinicians or students can use as a foundation, "how to" text on testing deaf adults.

Dr. Pollard has accumulated hundreds of psychological testing case files over the course of his own clinical practice and his administration of the Psychological Testing Service, the Program for Deaf Trainees, and the DWC at URMC. In addition, his instructional methods and lessons for trainees learning psychological testing and report writing have also been recorded in numerous files at the DWC. This straightforward project will entail an intensive review of these case and supervision files, assisted by the DWC research team, and in particular, Ms. Hannah, and the subsequent selection of cases and training files that optimally illustrate the principles and practices of excellence in psychological testing as exemplified in Dr. Pollard's work. Dr. Pollard will write the casebook over the course of years 3-5 of this project and will prepare it for publication by the end of the project period.

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