FALL 2013 - SUMMER 2014

The series is comprised of useful and timely health/wellness related topics beneficial to the community.

12 – 1 p.m. at the University of Rochester Medical Center.


Room location has been known to change with short notice, so we advise checking the website or calling our office to confirm the location when you register to attend. As a courtesy, we request that you please call 475-0432 or email us at to register the week before the talk is scheduled so that we may ensure a reasonable audience for our speakers. If pre-registration is not sufficient, the talk will be canceled and notification will be found on the website. You are welcome to bring your lunch.


With permission of the presenter, program can be streamed online during live presentation only.



September 10, 2013 - Is Anxiety Running Your Life?

Jane Sundberg, Pharm D, BCPP, Psychiatric Pharmacy Specialist
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Worries, doubts and fears are a normal part of life; but, when is it too much? Learn the difference between everyday anxiety vesus anxiety disorders. Treatment options to manage anxiety disorders will be reviewed.


October 8, 2013 -  Reiki

Cyndy Paxton, Reiki Master & Teacher, Center for Reiki Wellness & Hypnosis
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Learn how Reiki (ray-key) treatments reduce stress across the physical and emotional body. Reiki treatments are used for general wellness, stress reduction, reduction/elimination of physical pain, for emotional balance in response to grief and trauma, and to help with chronic conditions. Individuals who wish to be trained in Reiki can learn this self-healing technique to treat themselves, family members, and even pets.


November 12, 2013 - Budgeting for Good Health

Andrea Colline, Outreach Coordinator, Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

This presentation is designed to demonstrate how a healthy budget can increase overall health. Particpants will learn ways to save money in the grocery store while buying healthy food. We will also discuss low cost ways to maintain lifestyle.


December 10, 2013 - HPV and its Relationship to Head and Neck Cancer

Paul van der Sloot, MD, Head and Neck Surgery and Microvascular Reconstruction, Associate Professor - Department of Otolaryngology, University of Rochester Medical Center
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

In recent years, the link between HPV and oropharyngeal cancer has been clearly established. These are tumors that originate in the tongue base (the part of the tongue you can't see) and the tonsil. These HPV related tumors account for the significant rise in the incidence of oropharyngeal cancer seen in recent years. Some describe this rise as epidemic. The population effected is typically younger than the population with non-HPV related tumors in these areas. The prognosis for patients with HPV related tumors is better than for those with non-HPV related tumors.


January 14, 2014 -  Stop Feeling Guilty Being Disorganized! 10 Myths That Mess You Up

Ann Michael Henry, Mise En Place

Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Feel like you've tried everything and still can't get organized? Do you think you should own stock in your local office supply store as well as Microsoft, Apple, and Verizon? Have all the stacking trays that neatly hold files on your desk turned into dust collectors? To add insult to injury, you can't even remember what you put in those files. Well you're not alone. Not only do we not teach people how to get organized, much of the advice out there actually messes us up even more. Join Ann Michael as she explores ten organizing myths that may be causing more harm than good. Along the way you will discover why some strategies fall short and why other simply won't work for you. This session promises to enlighten, entertain, and encourage you to make the progress you need to make to get organized.


February 11, 2014 - Stop the Tsunami in Youth Sports!

VJ Stanley, Founder, President Frozen Shorts
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Do you have a child who wants to play sports? Were you in sports as a child and quit? Seventy percent of all the children 10 years of age plaing youth sports quit by age 13. Why? What happened to the paradigm of playing sports for fun? Has winning at all costs become the goal? There are health hazards, both mental and physical, in playing one sport year round. Obesity is on the rise and Type 2 diabetes is reaching previously unheard of proportions. Mr. Stanley has spent much of the adult life as a coach at both the high school and college level and has recently written a book, Stop the Tsunami in Yourth Sports. His message is as much about education and health as it is about changing the youth sports/High School paradigm.


March 11, 2014 - Surviving and Thriving After Divorce

JoAnne Pedro=-Carroll, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Author, "Putting Children First: Proven parenting strategies to help children thrive after divorce"
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

This presentation will focus on life changes such as separation and divorce, and how to navigate those challenging changes with a focus on resilience. Healthy ways of managing stress, containing conflict with a former partner and proven sstrategies to help children through family changes will be addressed. As an advisor to Sesame Street, Pedro-Carooll will provide a preview of the creative ways Elmo and friends are helping children understand family changes. Drawing from her recent book, Putting Children First, she will translate current research into every day practices that foster resilience in children, adults and families.


April 8, 2014 - Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research Updates and Current Best Practice

Caroline I. Magyar, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Division
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder estimated to affect 1 in 150 individuals in the United States. Despite increasing community awareness of the disorder, the nature and complexity of the symptoms challenges researchers in their search for causes and effective treatments. This talk provides participants with a brief update on the current state of autism research and reviews recommended practices in assessment and treatment.


May 13, 2014 -  Caring for Lilacs

Linda Groves, Master Gardener, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

Rochester is known for its lilacs and the lilac festival. If you've ever been through Highland Park at peak lilac time, you probably fell in love with the lilacs and bought a shrub. do you care for it to ensure years of blooms? Learn how to plant,

feed, prune, and generally maintain your lilacs from Cornell Cooperative Extension.



June 10, 2014 - Ten Key Ingredients to Keep Your Couple Relationship Healthy and Alive?

Pam Finger, LCSW-R, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Strong Memorial Hospital, Room 3-6408 (K307)

With the divorce rate ever increasing, how do we make sure to keep our relationship on track? How is social media impacting marriages? What is the number one complaint of couples entering therapy? What are the techniques that we need to know that no one ever taught us? DId we have healthy marriage models to follow? Can we recover from an affair? Come and learn what the danger signals are to be aware of and what you can do to make your marriage or relationship better than ever.